Silly & Serious Side Projects

My “Day” Jobs

McGill Ecumenical Christian Chaplaincy
I am blessed to represent Canada’s largest two Protestant denominations, the Anglican Church (called the Episcopal Church in the US) and the United Church (analogous to the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational churches elsewhere) at one of our country’s best universities. I get to pray, sing, study the Bible, play board games, worship, have communion, go on retreats, teach, counsel and frequently snack with some of the most inspiring young adults in the world. Despite our name, we offer our events and ministry to all university students and other young adults 18-30 in Montréal.

Christ Church Cathedral
I also am associate pastor for children and families, youth, and students at Montréal’s Anglican cathedral. Our cathedral community is passionate about liturgy, music, community engagement, and being a true community and refuge in the middle of our city.

Other Projects both Rather Silly and Quite Serious

The Bible is Clear
Tongue-in-cheek Twitter life advice I write based on simply reading the Bible literally and out-of-context. Because you never know when you’ll have a family member raised from the dead on short notice.

Constructive Theologies Project
The Constructive Theologies Project is a ministry of a diverse group of young scholars and ministers from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), acting on the conviction that is that the social realities of race and racism are crucially theological issues, too. This project was born of a belief that our talk of race must include creative, thoughtful, and explicitly theological elements if it is to be at all adequate to the racial realities in which we live and the racial disparities that distort our society. These realities demand a response that draws on the wisest spiritual insights, the most potent symbols, and the boldest hopes of our theological tradition. We have started a blog to share our thoughts and the fruits of our conversations with a wider audience. My work within the group focuses on intersectionality of racism with children’s and youth rights and linguistic minority communities.

Holy Inappropriate Podcast
Keeping the humour and seriousness together in Christian history and Bible stories with my co-host Tom Zalatnai. Learn about great people in Christian history, think about Bible passages, and ask your questions!

Jumelles formidables!
I am the grossly underqualified technical director for a YouTube channel dedicated to pre-adolescent silliness in the French language and in adorable, nonintimidating French-as-a-second-language lessons, starring my daughters.

McGill Christians Blog
McGill Christians is a newly imagined, idea-sharing, online blog for Christians at McGill University. We aim to publish student thoughts, experiences and anecdotes about the transformative relevance of Jesus Christ on our campus. I serve as an advisor and occasional contributor.

Kids These Days
Children and teens today are changing the world for the better in some remarkably impressive and unprecedented ways. Kids These Days is a simple Facebook mission of sharing the news stories of the good that our youngest neighbours are doing in this world. Follow the Facebook page to inject some happy news from inspiring young people into your Newsfeed.

Luke for Youth
The Bible’s stories are compelling, but when our youth do not connect with the stories, what can we do? As a senior thesis project at Yale Divinity, under the direction of Adela Yarbro Collins, I created an online study guide on the book of Luke, designed for confirmation classes, with notes on tricky words and cultural references, integrated and captioned religious art, thematically connected hymns, mini-sermons, and devotional prayers.

Silly Québec Signs
I love long drives and I love paying attention to quirky details. I happen to live in Québec, a magical place where our government’s graphic designers are punny and whimsical and occasionally just a little odd, so I document the street signs and advertisements that crack me up. It’s nerdy, but it’s fun.

Sexy Song of Solomon Similes

Pick-up lines from the Song of Solomon don’t always actually make much sense to modern readers, so, for the sake of your Biblical literacy, I have taken time to make a surprisingly totally safe for work and minors photo album of some of the Bible’s “sexiest” similes. Surprisingly safe for work images from the Bible’s most romantic book.

On my YouTube channel, I occasionally post sermons and short devotionals.